There is a deep yearning inside all of us to bring to light what makes us who we are! In this book, you will encounter literature replete with neurodivergent poetry—akin to 18th century English poet Christopher Smart notable for his visionary power and lyrical virtuosity. You will also discovery a collection of well researched writings, both new and previously published, that explore, debate, celebrate and reaffirm the human spirit and its often pathological and pernicious capacity for antiphonal ruminations and self-inflicted pain, a prismatic portrait of triumph over trauma. It is an articulation of metacognition or self-awareness, an attempt to explore the complexities of man’s inner struggle against the backdrop of Global disharmony mediated by our shared humanity. Ultimately a valiant effort in proffering a favorable outlook for an innovative, adaptive and idyllic prototype: unrestrained love, compassion, understanding and acceptance of our truest selves.

From the Prologue of You Are Enough: The Journey to Accepting Your Authentic Self:

Why should you read this book when there are many other books with similar titles and subject matter in the saturated literary market place? Well first, I offer multidimensional, multicultural and multilingual perspectives. I put forth a Francophone, Haitian and American frame of mind, being that I am a trilingual speaker of French, Haitian Creole and American English. These cultural influences fused together to bring intriguing elements of reasoned judgments and multiple ways of understanding and expressing ideology. Second, the literature… is not your typical dusty purely academic dissertation on soul searching and self-reckoning. It is a manifestation of soul authenticity in action… a purposeful yet at times playful amalgamation of… poetry, stories, essays, book and theater reviews, and interviews with community leaders and literary figures from MIT and Harvard University…with a connecting theme of personal authenticity: that is being true to one’s self in all aspects of one’s life. It encompasses spirituality, identify, artistic expression, community, resiliency, advocacy, activism and ultimately acceptance of life as is rather than as you wish it to be. Because “The resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of suffering…” as…said by spiritual guru Ram Dass…