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Jacques Fleury tells tales with Caribbean-American themes
New marketing campaign set for ‘It’s Always Sunrise Somewhere and Other Stories’

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Jacques Fleury’s “It’s Always Sunrise Somewhere and Other Stories” (published by AuthorHouse in June of 2016) is set to receive a new marketing campaign this year. The book is a collection of relatively interrelated short fictional stories imbued with Caribbean-American themes about love, lust, yearning for something more and learning to recognize those little moments of joy and insight while navigating life’s hardships.

“I think that this book will appeal to most readers because of its spiritually based principles of self-reflection, self-awareness and its consistent message of hope and inspiration that we all aspire to in life especially as we witness divisiveness and social unrest in America and elsewhere, and that no matter what roads we take, we all essentially want to find peace, love, and joy in our lives,” Fleury says.

Unique to this collection is Fleury’s multicultural, multilingual (Creole, French, English) background. Readers will get nuanced perspectives on a multitude of subject matters (e.g., spirituality, racism, classism, philosophy, Haitian folklore, world history, adultery, psychopathology, alternative (LGBT) family models, religiosity, sexuality, etc.) rendered with French, Caribbean and American influences.

“Pay attention to the moments that constitute your life; stories are all around you. The stories, much like life, are meant to educate you, entertain you and even challenge you. Also, much like life, every story is an opportunity for a new beginning, a tabula rasa or blank slate; hence treat everyday like a new story,” the author tells readers.

“It’s Always Sunrise Somewhere and Other Stories”
By Jacques Fleury
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 122 pages | ISBN 9781524615185
E-Book | 122 pages | ISBN 9781524615178
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Jacques Fleury's Book
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